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An Asperger's Syndrome resource


In the summer of 2009, Wanda Bogris and Margot Nelles founded

aspergers et al… (AEA).

With Margot’s leadership, the team at AEA will be dedicated to providing support and services to individuals, families and organizations throughout Ontario.

Margot Nelles has two sons with AS. She has over a decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome and other related disorders. Her passion for bringing awareness of AS to the forefront of the community is constantly growing.

Wanda Bogris, Chief Operating Officer, wanted to use her expertise in an area that she was passionate about. As a mother of a young daughter with AS, partnering with Margot Nelles to create aspergers et al… was the answer. Wanda brings to the company over 20 years of Executive Management experience and will play an integral part in the growth and development of the services offered by this organisation.

3 Responses

  1. Brenda Parris says:

    Hello Margo! I’m Gabe’s mom from Blooming Acres and Jo-anne Parris’ sister. I haven’t seen y ou for a long time and I heard your name mentionned the other day regarding SIL -housing options.
    Are you working on something regarding housing? I will be looking for something for Gabe soon as he is age-ing out of Blooming Acres/Snow Valley Lodge and needs to be housed in the near future.
    Please let me know what you are up to with regards to housing and see if we can connect.
    Good luck with the school project- sounds like a great idea and a necessary resource for our kids.
    Brenda Parris

  2. Chris says:

    Can I get a phone consult? Please call 416 524 6617

  3. Would love to touch base with you.
    We started a support group last January 2011.
    Can use any and all advice. So many parents
    and grandparents like myself feel overwhelmed
    by our Asperger kids and we just want
    to do the very best we can for them.
    My grandson has therapists but none of
    the therapists “speak Aspie”

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